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Recent Testimonials

Deborah (6/15/17) faced the task of downsizing her older parents while caring for one with dementia. She hired the Mavins to help and said:

The energy and enthusiasm was contagious. The Mavins were very focused on the job and really helped distinguish what should be kept and why. The people were exceptional on all levels. Professional but still friendly and compassionate.

When asked if she would recommend our services, she said:

Absolutely. There is no way we would have been able to downsize from a 3-story house to a one bedroom apartment, and deal with all the stuff, without their advice and efforts.

Dear Maureen, Thanks so much for the wonderful move. I still can’t get over how beautiful and organized everything looks. My friends who have been over to visit are amazed and all comment that it looks like I have lived here for a month! I sent a friend in Washington some pictures and she commented that she would like a mavin to come to live with her! You have made a difficult situation so much easier. ~ Susan F., 3/2016

A simple thank you is not enough for Moving Mavins exceptional work. During the entire move that was rift with problems, I was constantly in a panic and disorganized. Yet Grace Ann calmly and intuitively performed a miracle. With her guidance, the move was efficiently and smoothly run. Her performance was outstanding. She rates more than a 10. I truly appreciate what Moving Mavins accomplished and will continue to praise your work even in [my new town]. ~ Joanna, 10/2015

Dear Moving Mavins, Thank you yet again for another great service. Each time I have used your help, it has been so competent, well thought out, and just what me (and mom) needed. Glad you are there! ~ Sarah, 10/7/15

Thanks so much for the wonderful service you provide. My mom is doing better at [her new residence]. The move your Mavin did on July 8 was excellent. She set up the new apartment exactly like her old one. ~ Thank you again, Nancy, 8/16/15

We want to thank you for all your hard work and for ‘cheerleading’ us on through this challenging time. You’ve made us laugh and, actually, have ‘fun’ while doing this hard job. ~ All our gratitude, Claire, 7/15/15

Mom is happily settled into [her new home], and I have to say the move went very smoothly! The Mavins who did the unpacking and setting up were fabulous! Mom said she is so glad she decided to hire the Mavins because she was overwhelmed by the amount of boxes to unpack but they had it all done in a few hours. Thank you! I appreciate your help. ~ Kathie, 5/12/15

We cannot say enough positive things about Moving Mavins. They did an incredible job in a completely professional manner. The Moving Mavins were respectful of our personal property and handled our things as if they were their own. The Moving Mavins were simply a delight to work with as they unpacked and set up our new home.

If you want a stress free, labor free, and worry free move from start to finish, Moving Mavins should be your unquestionable choice. We were able to immediately enjoy out beautiful home because Moving Mavins made it a super smooth move. Great experience, great results!!! ~ Valerie and Randy, 9/8/14

This is out of this world! I can’t believe it. This is just gorgeous. You are doing a beautiful job. Some of this stuff is 100 years old. You all are doing a beautiful job. ~ Margie H. (95 years old), 1/31/14

Maureen did an outstanding job helping me move from the east coast to the west. Her spirit make a difficult job much easier. Many thanks, best wishes. ~ Mimi B., 1/5/2014

Moving my mother and brother after living in their home for over 50 years was a daunting task. Once the Moving Mavins arrived, my fears and theirs were put to rest. What an amazing group of people. They were so thorough, answered all questions, and made the move as painless as possible. From packing and sorting to setting up my mother and brother in their new home, they were incredible. We could not have done it without them. Thanks to all who made this possible. ~ Jane, 7/8/2013

Anne shares memories of living in her Westfield, NJ home for 40 years, and she reflects on her decision to downsize to a smaller home. Watch this touching video, produced by Sean Devaney:

When we had to move my mother from her home of 55 years to an Independent Living Facility we enlisted the services of Susan Devaney and the Moving Mavins. Having experience with Senior Citizens the team was able to gain the confidence of my mother, help her decide what to take and made this traumatic period a very pleasant experience. They took care of all the packing and moving of her furniture to the new location. When she moved in to her apartment the furniture, pictures, knick knacks and personal effects were exactly where they were where they were in her house as they had taken pictures to guide them. There was not a box or piece of paper to be found her apartment. Looking back over the move we knew we made the right decision e since they provided A+ service along with a personal touch. We strongly encourage anyone planning to move an elderly family member to contact Susan Devaney and the Moving Mavins. ~ Judy and David

. . . It looked very nice and my mom was quite pleased. Thanks for all of your hard work and patience. ~ Bobbi