5 Tips to an Organized and Clean Kitchen

Woman Cleaning KitchenHow’s your kitchen looking? Is it looking a bit drab and unorganized? Here are five easy-to-implement tasks so your kitchen will be sparkling clean and organized in no time.

Tips for an Organized and Clean Kitchen

1. Create a plan of action.

Before you begin cleaning your kitchen, gather everything you’ll need to tackle the project as a whole, from rubber gloves and sponges, to the vacuum and mop. If family members are available, assign tasks to help speed up the process. To ensure everything gets squeaky clean, make a checklist.

2. Use all-purpose cleaners.

Make it easier with an all-purpose cleaning product that can tackle all sorts of kitchen messes while killing germs (look for one which kills 99.9 percent of germs and bacteria).

3. Reorganize and prioritize.

As you clean, organize your kitchen. Start by organizing the contents of pantries, cabinets, drawers, and spice racks so everything is easy to find, with your most-used items are in front for easy access. Ensure anything expired is thrown out, and donate canned foods you don’t plan to use to a food bank.

4. Dust cabinet interiors.

Remove dry-storage food items and dust out your cabinetry. Make sure you get back into the corners of your cabinets with a duster or vacuum. Wipe down dry food items with a damp cloth and place back in the cabinets.

5. Get your floors gleaming.

Vacuum or sweep floors to get them prepped for mopping. Make sure to dust baseboards and corners where dust and pet hair can get trapped. Pay special attention to the cleaning solution you purchase to clean your floors, as hardwood flooring especially requires specific cleaners.

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