Protect Your Deck Now So You Can Enjoy it Later

Winterize Your DeckColder temperatures, snow, and ice can do some damage on the exterior of your home, especially to wooden decks. There are three steps to winterizing your deck:

Wash Your Deck

Start by removing furniture and planters for storage. Moisture caught between the deck and planters or furniture can seep into the wood during the winter and stain the surface. Sweep off dirt and debris while making sure to clear the space between the planks for ventilation. Then wash your deck with deck soap—you can find specific formulas for each type of wood. After washing, give it a good rinse with the hose.

Restore the Deck

Restore the deck by stripping and refinishing the wood to ensure sealants adhere to the wood and cover evenly. Power washing the deck is recommended to remove old paint and stains. Make sure to maintain a consistent distance from the surface of the deck at all times to produce a smooth surface.

Protect the Deck

Protect your deck with water-repellant stain to prevent water, snow, etc., from penetrating the wood. Ask your hardware or home improvement store about the best stain for your type of deck. Using a paint sprayer can make staining faster and provide a professional finish.

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