Prep Your Home Now for Months Indoors

Senior woman cleaning and winterizing her homeAccording to a recent survey by the Cleaning Institute Organization, 96 percent of people think it’s important to have a clean home. But with busy schedules, we sometimes fall short.

Here are some tips to prepare your home for the indoor months ahead:

Check the perimeter. Check window frames and entryways, since you may need to re-caulk and add additional weather strips. Clear gutters and chimneys of debris.

Store outdoor furniture. Before you store lawn or patio furniture, scrub each piece with baking soda—this natural cleaning method means that you won’t need to worry about harsh chemicals washing onto your lawn.

Wash and weatherize windows. Clean window panes with a solution of vinegar and water, which removes the dirt and grime left behind from winds and rainstorms. Then, place storm windows securely on each frame.

Remember to deodorize. Even if it’s too cold to open the windows, you’ll want your home to smell fresh and clean. Baking soda is a great option for neutralizing unpleasant odors—from the refrigerator and freezer to the carpets and furniture.

Shine your floors. With allergies on the rise, it’s important to pay special attention to floors, baseboards and other hard-to-reach spots—use a product that will clean deep-down to get rid of pollen and dirt.

Unpack cold weather wear. Remember to launder clothing before returning it to your closets, and take this opportunity to wash curtains and other fabric coverings.

For more helpful tips on using baking soda around the home, visit Arm and Hammer.

Source: Arm and Hammer