Pest Prevention: 3 Easy DIY Tips

Pest-Proof Your HomeEach year, uncontrolled bugs, including, beetles, cockroaches, ants, centipedes, sow bugs, and box elder bugs, are a relentless annoyance that homeowners across the country fight to keep out of their homes.

Homeowners are faced with the uncomfortable prospect of these home invaders sullying their well-kept abodes, hiding in cracks and corners, searching for food, and dragging in dirt and grime. These critters even invade the most private residential areas, including bedrooms and bathrooms.

DIY expert Lou Manfredini shares three key guidelines for approaching home improvement and repelling pests: prepare, prevent. and patch.

Prepare the Deck

Before the family starts spending more time on the deck, take a close look at wooden planks and the foundation for signs of rotting or splitting. Walk the deck carefully while checking for protruding nails, loose railings, and other safety hazards. After making any needed repairs, carefully clean and re-seal the wood. A pressure washer will do a great job getting the deck clean. Then let it dry for at least 48 hours before applying an oil-based deck stain. Also, check for signs of potential bug infestations. To help keep unwanted bugs out of the home, spray the perimeter with a bug barrier, such as Raid.

Prevent Uncontrolled Pests

As the warmer months roll in, so do uncontrolled pests and bugs. Cockroaches, ants, box elder bugs, and centipedes prefer to lurk under the kitchen sink or behind walls, potentially causing unseen infestation. Manfredini recommends a bug barrier spray. Simply spray the entire perimeter of the home indoors and out, paying special attention to gaps in the walls, doors, and windows where insects can enter the home.

Patch the Walk

Before summer officially begins, check the driveways and walkways. If they’re pitted, chipped, or cracked, consider repairing them and re-sealing with an asphalt or concrete sealer. Patching these surfaces helps stop ants from nesting near the home.

“Ultimately, the biggest mistake to home maintenance is not doing it,” Manfredini said. “With people spending their money cautiously these days, prevention is key.”

Worst Offenders

  • One German cockroach means there could be hundreds or even thousands inside the home. A cockroach can live weeks without eating. If you see one, treat your home immediately.
  • American cockroaches are typically outdoor species that enter homes in southern regions of the U.S. looking for food and water.
  • Box elder bugs invade in the fall to stay warm and protected for the winter.
  • A 2010 Raid Max Bug Barrier survey found that 69 percent of women most worry about ants and 44 percent worry about cockroaches invading their homes.

Source: SC Johnson Entomology Research CenterFor more information about Manfredini , please visit

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