Are you looking to buy or sell outside of our New Jersey service area?

Our Solution:

We can give you expert referrals to a trusted Realtor colleague.

Are you a senior services provider?

You are a senior services provider. Your client’s family lives far away, or your clients are a typical working family who needs guidance and support to help make the most supportive and economical suggestions for their family’s move. Or your client has no surviving family to help with a move to smaller quarters. Or your client has died and there is no one available to handle his/her possessions.

Our solution:

Whatever estate-related and real estate-related challenges you and your client face, The Mavins Group (Moving Mavins and/or Mavins Realty) is ready to help with efficiency and compassion. We can:

  • sort, organize, and distribute possessions

  • sell both the home and its contents at best prices

  • recommend support services and adaptive renovations for aging-in-place

  • recommend contractors

  • move your clients to new surroundings

  • recreate, as much as possible, your clients’ old surroundings in their new home

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