How Much Does It Cost to Hire a Senior Move Manager?

When you’re pricing your house for the market, there are many variables to consider beyond the proverbial location, location, location. You have to factor in the house’s age, size, condition, improvements, comparables in the area—and whether you should repaint if the exterior currently is fuchsia.

Similarly, when you’re hiring movers, they factor in the amount of stuff you’re moving, the distance you’re going, and whether they’ll be packing and unpacking the contents.

So it should come as no surprise that if you’re considering hiring a move manager to oversee your transition from old homestead to new surroundings, there’s no one-size-fits-all price. It all depends on the variables.

Those variables can include (but aren’t limited to) the size of the dwelling you’re leaving and the size of the dwelling you’re moving to; the amount of clutter in your present home; and the amount of stuff you want to take with vs. the amount of stuff you want to dispose of.

In your present home, a senior move manager can:

  • Help you review and sort possessions

  • Oversee the distribution of possessions to relatives, resale venues, charitable organizations, trash/recycling, or storage

  • Recommend movers

  • Manage movers, from contract and packing to transport and unpacking

In your new home, a senior move manager can:

  • Develop a floor plan and space plan

  • Unpack, and if requested, replicate your old furniture arrangement as much as possible, or arrange your furniture to new specifications

  • Set up kitchens, bathrooms, closets, and drawers

  • Hang pictures and window treatments

  • Transfer utilities, postal services, and subscriptions

Costs to Hire a Senior Move Manager

Some senior move managers charge hourly fees. Others charge a flat rate for the entire job. You determine how much or how little you’d like your move manager to do.
We charge a flat rate based on our suggested outline of how we can best be of service to you, based on our free one-hour, no-obligation consultation. During the consultation, you have the opportunity to meet us, get to feel comfortable with us, and find out how we work. We’ll discuss what you need to facilitate your move, assess how much work will be involved, and evaluate how we can make your move go smoothly. Before any money changes hands, we’ll give you an estimate in a written contract, outlining all of the details, including our insurance coverage information.
We’ll take over the hard work and stress. And that’s priceless.
Give us a call today, 908.233.6200, to schedule your free one-hour, no obligation consultation. Or, fill in the contact form below and someone will get back to you shortly.

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