Frequently Asked Questions

What is Senior Move Management?

The National Association of Senior Move Managers® (NASMM) provides a detailed explanation about Senior Move Management and how Senior Move Managers can help you. Learn more . . .

How much time should I allocate to packing and moving?

Some people know way in advance that they will be moving. Others may have to relocate on short notice. Some people work slowly. Others are always full steam ahead. That’s why we work with you at your speed, keeping you focused on what you are doing, and respecting your time frame.

Where will all my stuff go?

We help you select what you’ll take with you or what will go to family and/or friends. After making these decisions, we work with our vetted resale and auction houses to provide quotes on your resale possibilities.
We also have outlets for donating furniture, garage and yard collections, clothes, kitchen tools, and other household times. We create a log to list the items you decide to donate, for your tax records. We provide suggestions of local donation outlets, and we’ll work with your favorite charities or nationally recognized organizations to help move your items to new homes, with speed.
You might be able to donate books to a local library, if it accepts them. If not, we have outlets that accept donated books. We use recycling as a last resort for books. And we have a service that will remove your remaining unwanted or unneeded treasures.

How do you work?

If you are relocating, we begin by gathering information about where you are going. Based on the space available in your new home, we’ll work with you to determine what you’d like to move. And, by looking at your future floor plan, or at the size you anticipate you’ll have, we’ll offer options for furniture arrangement. At this point, we’ll go room to room in your current home to help you sort your belongings into categories: papers, books, clothes, kitchen items, tools, hobby collections, etc. and then separate each category into keep, gift, sell/donate, and toss. (You’ll be amazed at how quickly you’ll become a “mavin” at sorting!)
If you are selling your current home, we work with you to prepare and present it in the best possible way for sale. This process is called staging. We want to help you process your things and have your home ready for potential buyers.
And if your move is local, we can help you unpack, arrange, and organize your new home to ease your transition.
If your goal is organizing and decluttering, you can contract us exclusively for these services, and the same categorizing/sorting process mentioned above would apply. The result? Your space is neater and more efficient, so living there is much easier. And it is camera-ready when the time comes to sell.

What hours do you work?

We work around your schedule and are extremely flexible. You do not need to provide us with lunch or snacks. We will bring our own. We do not want to create any extra work for you.

How much will it cost?

We offer a free one-hour consultation so we can get to know each other. We’ll review your situation and make suggestions. Then, if you feel our help and guidance can support you and your family during your moving process, we’ll develop a personalized plan and fee schedule. If agreeable, we’ll present a written contract detailing how we operate and how we charge. The contract will also outline our insurance coverage and the bonding and background checks we provide on our employees.

Can you help me sell my house?

Yes, Susan Devaney is an award-winning Keller Williams® real estate sales agent with extensive experience.

Can you supply me with a list of references?

Yes, we are happy to supply you with a list of references.

What forms of payment do you accept?

We accept personal checks and some credit cards.